Co-founder Judy’s story of how homeopathy helped turn around a life-threatening condition

When Judy woke up on the kitchen floor at age 26 after the first of numerous grand mal seizures, she found herself having to confront a very different future.

It soon became clear that popping a few pills would not restore her old life. The initial treatment with various types of mainstream (or ‘allopathic’) medication proved to be ineffectual and, worse still, made her feel even sicker than the seizures did, which is very sick indeed.

Something more was needed …

A dramatic life change for the whole family

As a qualified engineer, Judy’s scientific background steered her to carefully evaluate alternative options. Extensive research led her to the door of a renowned homeopathic doctor. Based on an in-depth case history and a thorough medical examination, the doctor systematically weaned Judy off her prescription medication, substituting it with a patient-specific regime consisting of homeopathic alternatives.

Then followed a radical change for the better in Judy’s lifestyle, diet, medication, mindset and spiritual orientation, resulting in a record two-and-a-half seizure-free years without prescription medication – a huge achievement for Judy. 

Judy is quick to point out, though, that homeopathy may sometimes take one only part of the way, with additional applications such as nutraceuticals, supplements and herbal remedies becoming necessary. She herself has benefited from adopting a more holistic approach under the guidance of an integrative homeopath practitioner.

Her whole family has since converted to a cleaner, more organic lifestyle. They use no allopathic medication, and her children, aged four, six and nine, have never been subjected to the usual antibiotics drill. Neither have they ever been sick enough to require hospitalisation. If they feel unwell, Judy resorts to Invest in Health’s high-quality natural products. On the rare occasion that more is needed, they visit a homeopath.

So, how successful is homeopathic treatment today?

First, it is important to note that there is a big difference between the various homeopathic remedies offered for sale. The products available on Invest in Health’s website have all been meticulously sourced and are proven to be pure and effective.

If possible, self-medication should be preceded by a visit to a professional practitioner, who would be able to work out a patient-specific homeopathic regime for you. Bear in mind, though, that even a professional homeopath can only treat a patient successfully if provided with enough information – the more you tell them, the better they can treat you.

It is also important to note that there are different versions of homeopathic treatment. The field has evolved greatly over recent years, and while classic homeopaths use only traditional homeopathic treatments, modern homeopaths have become more functional and integrative in their approach.

Perhaps the main benefit of following the homeopathic route is the fact that patients experience none of the side-effects that characterise all forms of allopathic medicine. In Judy’s case, she was able to eventually free herself from her chronic medication with its severe side-effects, without being scared of the consequences. Not only did her seizures improve once she started following a clean lifestyle, but after being told by her doctor that she would struggle to conceive again, homeopathy and her new lifestyle proved him wrong.

A safe, non-invasive approach to healing

Judy regards homeopathy as a safe, non-invasive way of helping the body repair imbalances and restoring it to the state which it was created to be in. She has never looked back since the day she and her family converted to their new, cleaner and healthier lifestyle – a lifestyle that finds expression in the offerings on Invest in Health’s website. For them, it has indeed been an investment in their health and, moreover, their happiness.

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