Just give me glorious hair, nails and skin …

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency typically show up in the form of hair, nail or skin problems. Does the amount of hair on your brush scare you? Does it feel like your nails break or tear from simply sneezing hard? Or does your skin sporadically break out in flakes that would shame a lizard? Read on …

In pursuit of a happy skin

As our largest organ, the skin is difficult to ignore when it’s unhappy. Dry, itchy skin that has you scratching at inopportune times, glaring white patches or an unusual loss of elasticity could all be signs of shortcomings in your diet or hydrating regime. Make sure you drink enough water, and invest in supplementing your food intake with good-quality, natural products.

Problem nails? There’s more …

Brittle nails are most probably an indication of dietary deficiencies. Not only is this an unsightly symptom; it also warns of more complications on the inside. This condition should be addressed without delay, and treatment is sure to sort out other underlying problems as well.

(NOT) your crowning glory

If your hair is NOT your crowning glory, not only might you look bad but it could also be an indication that you urgently need to look at what is short in your diet. Our hair is the fastest-growing tissue in our bodies next to our bone marrow, so if growth in this department slows down, urgent action is needed.


Boost your hair health and growth with glutathione, vitamin B and magnesium. These products have been carefully screened for their efficacy and their superior mode of delivery and absorption: COYNE HEALTHCARE Biomax Liposomal Glutathione, LUSTER GLO Glutathione, or THE HEALTH NUT Liposomal Glutathione; COYNE HEALTHCARE Biomax Liposomal or Activated Vitamin B Complex; and KIRKMAN Magnesium-Bisglycinate Chelate.

PHYTO-FORCE Hair Growth is specifically formulated to hone in on ailing hair.

Potent formulations that focus on hair and nails are NATURA Combin Assist Hair & Nails, SFERA BIO NUTRITION Fulvic Acid, and SFERA BIO NUTRITION OptiMSM.

For rejuvenation and healing of hair, skin and nails that comes straight from nature, try PURE PRIMAL Primal Protein – Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides.

ABSOLUTE ORGANIX Lugol’s Iodine is a stock item for all kinds of hair, skin and nail problems.

Restore tissue elasticity with NATURA Tissue Salts No 1 – Calc Fluor D6. NATURA Tissue Salts No 12 – Silicea D6 and NATURA Tissue Salts No 3 – Calc Sulph D6 will help the body tissue rid itself of degenerative matter. NATURA Tissue Salts No 5 – Kali Mur D6 treats flaky skin, e.g. psoriasis, and NATURA Tissue Salts No 7 – Kali Sulph D6 is an excellent treatment for dandruff.

LUSTER GLO Platinum Skin Repair provides advanced skin repair while evening out skin tone.

SFERA BIO NUTRITION Marine Collagen With Peptan provides the next level of skin hydration.

SILVERLAB Colloidal Silver Cream is well known for all types of skin healing, while HONEYGUIDE Beeswax Ointment and DOWN TO EARTH African Potato Cream hydrate and treat dry and inflamed skin.

OCO LIFE Essential Oil – Frankincense Boswellia and OCO LIFE Essential Oil – Forest Whisper not only smell good; they also have a rejuvenating, balancing and healing action on the skin at the same time as calming the mind.


Hair, nail and skin problems should never be ignored – they could point to more serious internal deficiencies and ailments. Avoid more serious complications by treating them promptly. Always supplement with trusted, naturally derived and scientifically proven products such as those procured for you by Invest In Health.

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