Vitamin C with a difference – do your immune system a favour

Vitamin C is one of the most widely used vitamins because of its many benefits, such as supporting the immune system – something that is of cardinal importance in today’s busy lifestyles.

What many people don’t realise about vitamin C supplements is that many of them are not absorbed very effectively. Most is flushed from the body after it’s been ingested.

Many people take just any vitamin C supplement. We offer a range of highly effective vitamin C supplements – for now, though, let us introduce you to our liposomal products.

What does ‘liposomal’ mean?

Liposomal refers to a type of supplement preparation that contains the active ingredient inside microscopic fat-like particles. This makes it easier for the body to absorb, so that more of the supplement reaches specific cells or other areas of the body.

LIVON LABS has the sole right of using the term ‘lypospheric’, referring to their liposomal products. They are the progenitors of liposomal encapsulation, and ii-health stocks their products.

What are the benefits of supplements with liposomal preparations?

Compared to other oral forms of supplements, liposomal vitamins are absorbed better. This means they can improve vitamin C levels to a normal and healthy state, even when taken in small amounts. The best liposomal vitamin C is one that is free of additives and quality-tested to ensure stability and purity.

Higher doses of vitamin C can be used when someone is experiencing vitamin C deficiency as a result of stress, a too-busy lifestyle or illness. Liposomal vitamin C can be taken in lower doses because of its better absorption. This means that liposomal vitamin C preparations are often more economical than vitamin C without the liposomal preparation.

We offer a range of liposomal vitamins, including Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C Gold,
COYNE HEALTHCARE Biomax Liposomal Vitamin C
, LIPOLIFE Pineapple-C Liposomal Vitamin C, THE HEALTH NUT Liposomal Vitamin C and
LIPOCURE Liposomal Vitamin C
. See our website for more.


Keep the family safe with liposomal Vitamin C. Better absorption. Better health.

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