Why do we need collagen?

We all know the importance of ingesting protein every day. Without it, our bodies cannot repair themselves and we are left feeling listless and wanting energy.

What makes collagen so important is that it makes up more than one-third of the protein in our bodies – much more than any other form of protein. It’s what gives structure to things like our bones, skin, tendons and ligaments. That’s why, as we get older and our bodies produce less collagen, our skin starts sagging and our cartilage weakens.

We can protect our collagen levels by avoiding too much sugar and sunshine, and not smoking. And on the flipside, we can boost our collagen production by making sure we get enough amino acids like proline, hydroxyproline and glycine.

That may sound a bit hard to swallow, and indeed in its normal form it is difficult to break down during digestion and absorb through the intestinal wall.

That’s where science comes to the rescue. Through a hydrolysis process, one is able to break down the hard-to-digest long protein chains in collagen into shorter protein particles or amino acids, so you end up with something called peptides. This makes it possible to produce supplements that can shuttle the collagen more easily to where it’s needed to repair our skin, bones and joints, and pump up our energy levels.

Our hydrolysed collagen products are ideal for those who don’t mind a slightly beefy taste, have a tighter budget, don’t have any digestion issues and don’t mind a few lumps forming in their collagen-enriched beverage.

In a further step, one can go on to produce agglomerated collagen by binding these peptides with water, gums or starches. This involves putting the hydrolised peptides through an agglomerator – a machine that binds and strengthens the amino acids for better functionality. According to a study by Viegas, T.R., & Taranto, O.P. (2018), agglomeration speeds up and facilitates the flowability of particles. More specifially, agglomeration helps the amino acids to bind together so they are turned into highly bio-available micro-clusters – all without compromising the quality of the product in any way.

Our agglomerated collagen products are suggested for those who don’t mind spending a bit extra; prefer their collagen to be as tasteless as possible; have digestive issues; and prefer a 100% soluble product in both hot and cold beverages.

Research has proven that hydrolysed and/or agglomerated collagen not only improves skin elasticity and hydration while reducing wrinkle depth – it also gives you more mobile joints, stable bones, glossy hair and healthy fingernails. Other advantages are that it protects your organs, improves gut health and energy, eases joint pain and arthritis, and promotes deeper sleep.

Our Sfera Bio Nutrition Marine Collagen with Peptan is particularly known for plumping up the complexion and reducing wrinkles, while also improving your body’s calcium absortion and, so, assisting with stronger and heathier bones – among other benefits. Pescatarians may want to opt for this product.

For those on banting/LCHF or Paleo, or who have allergies or sensitivities, our Pure Primal Protein – Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides are ideal.

All our collagen-enriched products can be stirred into any hot or cold beverage.

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